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by Father Joseph Dustin

circa Early 1970s

This album is filled with rollicking, happy. toe-tapping music of Father Joseph Dustin, C.S.S.R. ...a Redemptorist Priest who carries a Breviary in one hand and his Vega plectrum banjo in the other. He doesn't believe in mixing his vocations, so don't expect a message or sermon. Instead you'll find this album is a memorial to many years of making people happy with his music, played only the way Father can play it.

If it sounds different than any banjo album you've heard before it is because it is uniquely Father Dustin's brand of music. You'll hear the happy mixture of St. Louis jazz, learned as a youngster in his home town. New Orleans jazz taught by Father's many musician friends. Chicago jazzz, picked up while assigned to St. Michael's parish in Old Town Chicago. There's even a little seminary jazz thrown in for good measure. (Father defines seminary jazz as music played softly after the lights are out.)

Even the songs are distinctly Father Dustin. Five are old banjo favorites, but six are brand new songs, written by Father specially for this album, and as he says for the "fun of it."

And fun is what this album is all about. The seven excellent musicians, all members of the Detroit Federation, who support Father, are also his friends. The result is a sound that only happens when good musicians who like what they're doing, play together just for the fun of it.

Stu Sanders, one of Detroit's finest musicians, arranged the music, directed the group and played the trombone. With Stu are Herb Rosin on drums, Nina Santa on piano, Fritz Moore on tenor sax, John Baldori on trumpet and his brother Pete on bass, along with Neal Reid on the trombone.

Even the technical aspects of putting out "Father's Day" were a "let's do it for Father Joe" kind of operation, which had many talented people providing time and service through friendship and because it was so much fun.

You'll get the idea with the title song. The words read: "Lots of Jazz and Razz-ma-tazz in Father's Day! Dancing feet with every beat in Father's Day! Joys abound with every sound...Hearts are gay as Jazz Men play the songs of Father's Day."



Father's Day Fr. J. Dustin (2:12 Vocal) ASCAP
'Deed I Do Hirsch/Rose (3:35 Instr.) ASCAP
Where Is The Moon Tonight Fr. J. Dustin (3:39 Vocal) ASCAP
There'll Be Some Changes Made Overstreet/Higgins/Garrison (3:26 Instr.) BMI
Get Out And Show The World The Way Fr. J. Dustin (2:09 Vocal) ASCAP



Dear Barber College Fr. J. Dustin (2:18 Vocal) ASCAP
Them There Eyes Pinkard/Tracey/Tauber (2:34 Instr.) ASCAP
Night Without Stars Fr. J. Dustin (2:49 Vocal) ASCAP
Cuddle Up A Little Closer Harbach/Hoschna (2:21 Instr.) ASCAP
I'm Sad And Blue Fr. J. Dustin (2:18 Vocal) ASCAP
California Here I Come Jolson/DeSylva/Meyer (2:03 Instr.) ASCAP


CREDITS: Recording, United Sound Studio; Ed Wolfrum and Joe Siracuse, Engineers; Lead Sheets, Russ David and Joe Ferenti; Attorneys, Raymond Lynch, Walter Murray, Ralph Jewell and William Farley; Jacket Design by Bob Currie; Photography, Wm. D. Moss and Jerry Balosky; Business Manager, Bonnie Dewes; Friends and helpers, Merlee Alvey, Pete Van Deven, Wm. V. Hickey, Lorainne Klasek, Sue Schoepf and Alton J. Hole; Producer, Bob Murphy.

To order copies of "Father's Day"
Send $5.50 (includes postage and handling charges) to:

Redemptorist Records
Society of Redemptorist Fathers
1721 Junction
Detroit, Michigan 48209

Redemptorist Records are produced by the Society of Redemptorist Fathers, 1721 Junction, Detroit, Michigan 48209

Editor's note: I really must have been a real a-hole because when I bought this record a few years back I took a listen and found boring. How can any fool listen to the first track and not think that great things have been accomplished here? Simpleton! This is a superb album of banjo favorites and original songs by a man of the cloth. As he states on the record, he leaves the preaching out and lets the picking do the talking. Well, the ears have listened and they concur with said picking. Not to mention the psychedelic 3-D cover.

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