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by Jay Round and Friends


The Hammered Dulcimer is perhaps one of the oldest musical stringed instruments in teh world. Its existence has been traced back as far as 667 B. C., where it appears in a stone carving. It is interesting to note that a good share of the keyboard instruments, including the piano and harpsichord, have been invented from the Hammered Dulcimer.

When I first became interested in the Hammered Dulcimer a few years ago, I didn't know of any company that still built the instrument nor could I find anyone who wanted to sell an old one. So we did the next logical thing. Based on our observations of Old Hammered Dulcimers and improving their weak points, we designed our own Hammered Dulcimer. Since then, my father and I have been able to stay quite busy building and selling our instruments to folks all across the United States. Our Hammered Dulcimers are completely wood doweled and are crafted of fine hardwoods.

On this album I have recorded some of my favorite old-time traditional tunes, including Raggedy Ann and Shenandoah. I'm sure that you will probably recognize some, if not all of the songs listed here.

I would like to thank my back-up crew, Paul, Keith, Larry, and Ron, for agreeing to help me out as they are among the finest musicians I know. Also, thanks go to Wally, my recording engineer for all the time he gave recording our sessions. It is obvious that I could never have cut a record of this nature all by myself, so thanks guys.

Happy listening to all of you and it you ever want to get in touch with my father, Donald Round, or myself (or if you're ever in our neck of the woods and want to drop in for a visit) feel free to do so. That's 6470 8th Ave., Grandville, Mich., 49418.

Your friend,
Jay Round
April 6, 1974


Jay Round - Hammered Dulcimer
Paul Kirtchner - 5 -String Banjo
Keith Perry - Guitar
Larry Williams (of the Williams Family) - Fiddle
Ron Williams (of the Williams Family) - Bass
Wally Turner - Recording Engineer
Electronic Sound Equipment Co. - Tape Mixing
Betty Round - Jacket Photos


SHENANDOAH (Arranged by J. Round) 2:23
BUFFALO GALS (Traditional Tune) 2:24
TURKEY IN THE STRAW (Traditional Tune) 2:14
RAGGEDY ANN (Ragtime Annie)(Public Domain) 2:08
WILDWOOD FLOWER (Traditional Tune) 2:08
SOLDIER'S JOY (Traditional Tune) 2:16



WABASH CANNONBALL (Arranged by J. Round & Friends) 2:35
BANKS OF THE OHIO (Arranged by J. Round) 2:41
FLOP-EARED MULE (Traditional Tune) 2:21
ARKANSAS TRAVELER (Traditional Tune) 2:52
8TH OF JANUARY (Dedicated to Jimmy Driftwood) 2:34
I SAW THE LIGHT (Arranged by J. Round & Friends) 2:02


All songs are special arrangements by Jay Round and/or members of the band.

Editor's note: what a great sound! Hypnotizing light western tunes with the chunneling Dulcimer bringing light to parts that haven't seen it since paw first knew maw and maw didn't know much else.

Jay Round apparently has enjoyed a professional musical career ever since and though most of us have never heard of this guy -- but have heard of Britney Spears, Madonna and their ilk -- maybe we should have long ago. Now's as good a time as ever.

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Teddy Dellesky said...


While sorting through my basement this AM, I came across an old mountain dulcimer govenvto me by a friend years ago. Upon closer inspection, I noted that the label on the inside named Donal Roind as the luthier. It’s is hand marked as being made in 1972.

Looking to contact the family if possible. Not much popped up online. Any information would be greatly appreciated.


-Teddy Dellesky

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