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by Grandma's Boys


Jim Sikorski

Only Polish Lutheran in Milwaukee. His native enthusiasm is very nearly overwhelming. "Let's just hope his voice doesn't change." Whether or not he's the best looking, he decidedly the youngest.

Hank Brandt

Winner of the 1969-71 "Slow Talkers of America" championship and reformed M&M addict. "As a lead, he makes a pretty good bass." Alumnus of no fewer than several colleges and universities. Once considered career as a perpetual sophomore.

Jay Giallombardo

Undoubtedly one of the true creative geniuses in Barbershop today...has a masters degree in theory and composition, "He's O.K., I guess." Possessed of a personal magnetism second to many, and a last name mispelled often enough to attract Guinness' attention.

John Miller

Disciplined and industrous, handsome and dashing, former sermonette producer and Charles Atlas "before" model. "A truly mediocre stand-up comic." Currently one of Chicago's "Ten scrawniest bachelors."

Thanks: Jeff, Moose, Lou, Lyle and a friend

Recorded December 1974-January 1975 at A.A.V. Studios, Evanston, Illinois
Engineer: Tom Sublewski
Assistance: Karen Drummond

All songs (except a few) arranged by: J. J. Giallombardo
Portraits by The Shooting Gallery: Gary Brown

Design, notes and cover photo: H. J. Brandt
Graphics, art and typography: Dick Johnson

Note: That's the Wilmette "Bowl" on the cover, a natural Amphitheatre in our home town on Chicago's North Shore and site of our very first show.


Grandma's Boys: For those who wonder which came first...the song or the quartet's name...we heard it, loved it, learned it and then adopted it as namesake and theme song.
When Lindy Comes Home: A tribute to Lindberg by George M. Cohan was unearthed in a stack of old sheet music at SPEBSQSA's Harmony Hall.
Moonlight Brings Memories: Once considered as a possible title song for this album, but the art would have been either lewd or ludicrous.
I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles: We're not sure just how far back this little variation might be traceable, but, contrary to popular belief, Lawrence Welk had nothing to do with it.
Tonight: A Jay G. special arranged to show off the rest of Hank's voice, the best of Jim's voice while John stands in the back going doo-wah, doo-wah.
Shillelagh Stick: Hard to figure how you can romanticize a big chunk of gnarled tree root...but, here it is.


Before the Parade Passes By: Dolly Levi made it famous, Jay made it Barbershop (sort of), and the rest of us are just trying to sing it.
A Song for Mary: One-half of our "Dough Boy" contest set...seen by many and loved by several (General Pershing not included).
Firefly: A hot little number with no deep intellectual or emotional commitment necessary (or possible).
When I Fall in Love: Hank's Dad always asks for this one 'cause it makes him cry. We sang it at Hank's wedding, which made Hank cry.
Rosie(You Made Me Love You): Quick! Who arranged this one? (All entries must be received before the solo).
(Reprise)Grandma's Boy: we like to round out a performance with this closer just to let those who've been asleep or talking know which quartet they've missed.

Editor's note: well, you asked for it so here it is. OK, nobody asked but here it is nonetheless. Doo-wah doo-wah!

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