Friday, August 21, 2009


by Tim Hazel w/ Brush Creek

Circa early 1970s


North to Alaska
Jet Plane
Johnny B. Goode
Sunday Morning Coming Down



Green Grass of Home
Cracklin Rosie
Singing the Blues
Everybody's Talking
El Paso


Editor's note: with a blank back cover and only a newspaper clipping to surmise from after Google came up with no specific search results, I can only guess that Mr. Hazel was a local Detroiter active on the bar scene as a cover artist. I think the newspaper article refers to his supporting band as Brush Creek but I can't be sure since it is a little tattered at the end where the pertinent information is. Anyhow, his band mates were: Charlie Jakubowski, Marcia Clum and Duane Wiggs. Maybe one of them will do a search and find this and spill the beans about the whole Tim Hazel experience.


Gary Greenawalt said...

Tim and I have known each other over 50 years,we grew up together in the parkside projects .I would like to get in touch with him,I haven't seen him since about 1964 he can reach me at ( love to talk to him

cleardayz said...

I worked at a place called Marco's in Farmington Hills, Michigan in 1973-75. Tim used to perform there with 3 other guys. One's name was Dave and a couple of brothers whose names I cannot remember. He used to sing Donna by Richie Valens and being my name (and his wife's or daughter's name, I can't remember) I would pretend he was singing it for me! :-) The place was turned into a disco eventually, I quit and lost track of the band.....loved their music!!! Been searching for them ever since I got online!
Donna Channell Waltz

cleardayz said...

I found the Hardesty brothers who played with Tim in the 70's! Dave and Ron. Ron still performs, but I don't know about Dave. maybe they know where Tim is? I found a listing for Tim in Owosso, MI but I do not have the $$ to pay for the full info....
Anyway here's Ron's Facebook address:
And his Myspace address:

I'd love to find out what Tim has been up to!!!

Unknown said...

Tim Hazel is living in Farmington Hills Mi. He can be reached at 248-626-2769.
Thanks, Sharon

Anonymous said...

I played in Tim Hazel's band 5 nights a week at The Ranch on Telegraph Road, in 1975. Tim was covering outlaw cowboy artists like Willie Nelson, Jerry Jeff Walker, Waylon Jennings and others. Each night he closed with Ain't It Funny How Time Slips Away. It was quite a good band - one by one they left to do other things. I continued briefly with Tim as a duo. I remember we played at The Raven as well.

Anonymous said...

My late brother and Tim were good friends back in the late 60's. They attempted a trip out west on horseback one time. Quite the story ! I have a picture of them leaving from our house. Was able to see him perform a cpl local bars in Livonia with my brother. Would love to know how he is. Also would love to get a copy of his second album...I have his first, witch is funny because the name on that first cover is "Jim Hazel" haha

kelley said...

My late brother and Tim were good friends, back in the day. I would love to get ahold of his second album, as I have his first. I have pictures of him and my brother leaving our house in Livonia on horseback, heading out west. Haha...quite the story on that trip. This was in the late 60's, and I was just old enough in early 70's to be able to see him perform a few times in local bars in Livonia. If anyone could respond on how he is doing, and if I can get a copy of that second album, u would appreciate it.

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