Wednesday, September 23, 2009


by Shiva

RTV 20080


Bella Bella (Warm-Up) 2:52
Ajitto (Tone-Up) 3:43
One Hand Clapping (Aerobics) 3:20
Skin (Cool-Down) 3:02

One More Way (Warm-Up) 3:28
Flat Out (Tone-Up) 3:44
Go For It (Aerobics) 3:50
Sweet N' Nasty (Cool-Down) 2:53



Show Me (Warm-Up) 4:13
What Does It Take (Tone-Up) 4:17
Hot Sox (Tone-Up) 2:55
Ode To Joy (Aerobics) 4:20
Hit It (Aerobics) 4:50
Never Gonna Give You Up (Cool-Down) 3:58


Editor's note: the only thing that's going to make your back arch like that and send your hair into ecstatic flying hind way is sexy time in a darkly-lit German discotecque. A disco-jazz-electronica amalgamation with funkadelic beats so you can do more than shadowdance with your own physique.


Chef De Party said...

Awesome, Those video are amazing. Been trying to get my paws on the sound track for months.

Thanks for posting.

R. O. said...

Haha. Yeah, this record seems to be very popular. The old upload link had about 50 downloads and I re-upped it a week or two ago and it already has 5. Go figure.

Anonymous said...

From my deepest, darkest memories is a tune from these vids back in the day. It had a Euro-Techno feel, and if I remember right there was something about "Captain Judy" in the lyrics. STILL have not been able to find it. Any clue?

R. O. said...

Sorry but that doesn't ring a bell at all.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, you rock! I've been looking for this!

Anonymous said...

AWESOME! stumbled on the youtube videos the other night and tried finding the music like crazy, this totally made my day. MUCHOS GRACIAS!

Eddie B said...

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

I remember watching these videos as a kid and absolutely love the music from it. You Rock!

oldskooldi said...

It brings me back memories from my childhood hahaha!! Awesome!!

Anonymous said...

In early 1985 I was a guest of Clark County, Washington, and this was on TV at 5:30 am... Deputy Hank turned on the TV from the control room, and we all got up to watch.

Anonymous said...

Awesome!! Been looking for this since the 80's THANK YOU!!

Miss Little said...

I recently discovered Aerobicise via youtube and other inspirations (American Apparel, Diana Ross "Work that Body" music video, etc). I was born in the early 80s, so I missed this amazing program! Thank you for posting this music! I absolutely love it! I couldn't imagine waiting for decades for someone to re-release this as many others have. God bless them and you!

David Moseley said...

I remember a sit-up program. I think was exercise # 7 which had a song with lyrics "do it to me one more time you know it makes me crazy". I can't find the song. And I was in the best shape of my life from that video.

Anonymous said...

You sir, just made my day - Many thanks for the share !

Eileen F said...

I am SO glad I have the original vinyl album now that I am reading that it is impossible to find. I was in the best shape of my life back when this was on cable. I wish I owned all the DVDs too because my VHS tapes are wornout. I guess it is my understanding that the DVD's are no longer purchasable... Bummer!!

Aloha_Doll said...

I can't even imagine what kind of digital magic you had to do to get this from vinyl to mp3 format. Whatever you did, thank you so much for your time and effort!

I exercised to :20-Minute Workout when I was a kid. I wanted so badly to be Bess Motta! I was over-the-moon happy to recently re-discover the videos on YouTube and am now exercising to them as an adult. Bess still kicks my butt and manages to keep me motivated at the same time.

But there's no denying the role this wonderful soundtrack played in keeping me going too! I always loved the music and had absolutely no idea that this album even existed! While it doesn't include my absolute favorite track, it still contains many others.

Thank you so much for keeping this music alive and sharing it with the world!

Rüsben said...

Thanks for posting this great album!

Jen said...

Is there a way to download this or re-upload it? The links just freeze on me so I don't know if it's still available.

Anonymous said...

the links doesn't seem to work for me so is there anyone here who can upload to other storage sites like sfshare, mega, mediafire and so on?

Chiangui24 said...

The links no longer work. is there another way to download. Or can it be sent through email?

Cycloptyc Films said...

The links don't work anymore. How can I get the music?

Cycloptyc Films said...

The links don't work anymore. How can I get the music?

the said...

Buy the record?

the said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Make click in the gray bar of 4dshared

Sara Amor said...

It feels weird to comment on a popular post... anyway, thanks, the!

the said...

Sara, prepare for a new aerobics album sometime today if I ever get a chance.

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