Wednesday, September 30, 2009


by Nathalie Archangel

BFC 40521


Mr. Perfect For Me
I Can't Reach You
Diamonds In The Rough
Let's Make Love
What I'd Do



Never Be The Same
Pledge My Time
It Was Us
La Vie Continue...
Never Let Me Down Again


Editor's note: I was half expecting this to be the worst record I'd ever heard but it turned out to be pretty good for what it is: synth pop. A few of the songs were actually decent songs that I'm kind of surprised that I'd never heard on the radio. "Let's Make Love", "It Was Us" and "Never Let Me Down Again" are catchy enough to have been minor hits. Hell, maybe they were but as far as I know this one went unnoticed.


Matthew Vaughn said...

There was a time in my life when I was really into this album. Glad to see it exists out here somewhere. As far as I know this album never did anything. She actually put out a second album.

the said...

I'll keep an eye out for it. Got this copy for 50 cents at a library. Gotta love the vinyl.

N Nightingale said...

Actually, I made 3 albums! But who's counting? Thank you for the "pretty decent" comment--- made my day ;)


the said...

And I'll find those albums eventually and post them! Thanks for the comment.

Nasty G said...

Thanks to this post, I just bought her second album Owl on CD. Thanks!

the said...

Nice. Now if I can find that other one on vinyl!

leesa said...

INCREDIBLE Album! No offense to Joni Mitchell fans, but I think this album is at least as good as Blue. These songs are bare with some very rare and wonderful emotion.

I have a crappy old tape of my "In Storage" LP.

Great Production by David Kahne.

Any chance in getting something a little higher than 128?

the said...

Leesa, first I'd have to find the record! Once I do that I'll re-post it. Don't hold me to the promise though because I have no clue where it is.

leesa said...

Thanx so much for responding!

I hope you can find it. I have one (here in SF Ca) but I don't have a turntable any more... sigh.

Nathalie wrote/writes beautiful songs with such emotional depth... and it looks like she (or someone pretending to be her) even responded here.

If that's really you, Ms Archangel, I sure love your stuff.

JanetCoop said...

Can you repost it so that the tracks are individual, instead of all one side at once?? It comes out as one big 18-minute track for Side 1 and a 20-minute track for side two, and when I put it on my iTunes it's all together instead of spread out over the alphabetical order...Is there any way of fixing this???

the said...

^^^^^There's a way but I don't have time to do it. Try Audacity recorder as it will separate tracks for you.

Anonymous said...

I knew Nathalie Archangel slightly in the mid-90's. By this time she was waitressing at a coffee shop in Santa Monica and still doing the occasional gig. I was lucky enough to catch her at Genghis Cohen's once and was blown away by her talent. I always thought it a bit sad that someone with her gifts didn't "make it" to the wider level of fame she deserved, but perhaps perhaps she's another example of the vagaries of the music business and the luck of the draw. At least we still have those great albums...

leesa said...

Nathalie was/is a serious talent. I heard from someone very involved with her first album, that he thought she was truly an amazing talent... but that she pissed off a few Colombia wigs and that sorta ended her career.

I wish I had a nicely remaster of this amazing album.

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