Sunday, February 15, 2009


by Bill Peffley


IN ALL MY TRAVELS across the North American continent I meet many people, people who love, people who live the life of giving, people who work in so many ways to bring God to the world...and then I met Bill Peffley. We became friends, and when Bill sang of Mary my heart became still and listened, and it was as though the very heavens were engrossed in this plaintive, yearning soul that hungered for God.

"Mary, give us your eyes"...When I hear Bill sing that song, I can only say: I have never heard anybody sing a song like this anywhere. In no century have there been such simple, humble and haunting songs of Mary-songs written with such poetic care and melodic loveliness.

I love these songs. I know you will love them as well. They will let you enter the domain of Mary where her Son is Lord and where there is only completion for every soul.

I thank Bill for these songs. I am sure you will also thank him for opening up a dimension that is in danger of being forgotten, and I predict that he will be instrumental in changing many attitudes, for he will show that Mary, and Joseph, are indeed very relevant in the Church today.

-Sebastian Temple
Los Angeles, California

Bill Peffley lives in Norristown, Pennsylvania, with his wife, Mary, and their three children, Edel, Francis and Natia. He operates two Catholic Shops--in Norristown and Willow Grove, Pennsylvania--and is a member of the Legion of Mary of sixteen years standing. This album reflects the image of Mary which has been traditional in the Church and in the Legion of Mary since its beginning in 1921. In this production Bill witnesses to the reality of her presence in his life and the life of the Church.

Words and Music: Bill Peffley
Musical Arrangements: Tom Keene
Production Consultant: Richard Clapper
Recorded at: Abbey Sound Ltd., Hollywood, California
Engineer: Steven Maslow
Cover Design: Otto Reinhardt
Cover Photo: Edith Paul Marshall
Produced by: BALANCE HOUSE PUBLICATIONS, 101 E. Penn Street, Norristown, Pa. 19401

Distributed by: GIA RECORDS, 2115 W. 63rd St., Chicago, Ill. 60636

Copyright 1972, Balance House Productions


Jesus Living in Mary 2:25
Walk with Mary 2:21
Mary, Give Us Your Eyes 3:06
Child of Joseph 2:40
I Sing Mary 2:27



A Man Called Joseph 3:50
Let the People Come 2:03
Mary's Child 2:29
Mary of Nazareth 1:44
Go Tell the World About Mary 2:55


Editor's note: a breezy folksy album about Mary and all of her glory. It seems that Mr. Peffley was so enamored with the Virgin Mother that he even married a woman named Mary. Oddly enough none of his children were named Joseph, Jesus or Mary. Bill and his wife still run the Catholic Shops or at least they did up until 2004.

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