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by Various Artists



Scott Campbell
"Come Home (With Me)" 5:12

Copyright 1987, 1988 Nebula - ASCAP
Scott Campbell - 6 & 12 string guitars, Mellotron, oboe, alto sax, drums, vocals

Produced by Scott Campbell at Nebula and Temperhill Studios
Engineered by S. Campbell & D. Feeny

See Dick Run
"They Were So Young" 3:30

(See Dick Run)
Copyright 1988 Dick Music - BMI
Jim Edwards - lead vocals
Charlie Francuch - bass, vocals
Matt Bucher - drums
Mark Campbell - guitar, vocals

Produced by Richard Lick at Creative Audio
Engineered by Geoff Michael

Beer On The Penguin
"Watch Me Fly" 4:26

(Beer On The Penguin)
Copyright 1988 B.O.P.
Patrick Ackerly - vocals, lyrics
Ben Ridley - drums
Cary Marsh - guitar, vocals
Mark Haygen - bass guitar

Produced by Chuck Pope, Jr. and BOP at Carnaby Street Studio
Engineered by Chuck Pope, Jr.

Jugglers & Thieves
"Springtime" 3:12

Copyright 1988 McCall-Corte
Paul Cortez - guitar
Christine McCall - vocals
Collin O'Brien - drums
Jimm Zimba - bass guitar
Matt Sage - guitars

Produced by Ray Kozora
Engineered by John Avedesian

The Hypnotics
"Cities of Gold)" 4:30

(Barry Brown)
Copyright 1988 Brown-Barry
Dr. Bob - electric guitar,
Brian Barry - acoustic guitar, bass guitar, vocals
Keith Brown - drums, lead vocals

Produced by Scott Campbell at Nebula and Temperhill Studios
Engineered by S. Campbell & D. Feeny



Before Or After
"You Make It Hard" 3:55

Copyright 1988 Sleem Records - BMI
Jim Stewart - vocals
Bryan Kane - bass
Al Waltz - drums
Cary Marsh - guest guitar

Produced by Tony Compana & Before Or After at Studio A & Creative Audio
Engineered by J. J. Nix & Geoff Michael

"Autumn Colors" 4:20

(C. Richards)
Copyright 1988 C. Richards
Chris Richards - 6 & 12 string guitars, lead vocals
Doyle Dean - drums
Kyle Richards - bass, vocals
Keith Klingensmith - guitar
Scott Campbell - oboe

Produced by Scott Campbell at Temperhill Studios
Engineered by Dave Feeny

Anton James
"Can't Let On" 3:26

(A. James)
Copyright 1988 Mars Sector 6
Anton James - vocals
Dave Rollins - guitar
Roy Elder - backing vocals
Chris Blaise - bass
Joe Omara - sax
Mark Morris - drums

Produced by A. James & D. Rollins at Sitting Duck Studio
Engineered by Mark Morris

The Difference
"Lonely One" 3:45

(R. Martin)
Copyright 1987 Strand Man Music - ASCAP
Ramsey Gouda - guitar, vocals
Tina Marcaccio - keys, vocals
Randy Martin - bass, vocals
Tom Campbell - drums
Marty Heger - saxophone

Produced by The Difference at The White Room Studio
Engineered by Mike Nehra & Jim Hannan

"Psychodrama" 4:30

Copyright 1987, 1988 Daniel Baboon Tunes
Ron Conigliaro - percussion
Duffy Armstrong - bass guitar
Kimba - vocals
Skeen Lueders - guitar, vocals

Produced by Funhouse at Creative Audio
Engineered by Geoff Michael


Jacket Design: Scott Campbell for Media & The Arts. Typesetting: Bryan Kane. Technical support: Beau Williams. Fashion Consultant: Keith Howarth, Noir Leather (313)541-3979. Fire Safety: Greg St. James. Spiritual Advisor: Father Ted Maluchnik. Thanks; Gary Reichel. We gratefully acknowledge the selfless efforts of Kirk Widdis, Shelly, Christian Hanneman, and Dr. Mary Wilks. This album was inspired by "Detroit Music Scene", presently broadcast 4 PM Sundays 5:30 PM Tuesdays on WDTR - 90.9 FM Detroit. This album itself is not affiliated with WDTR-FM or Educational Broadcasting of Detroit. Charity begins at home.

NEBULA, Box 24-1125, Detroit 48224 U.S.A.
4 Benorama Crescent Toronto, Ontario M1H 1K7 CANADA

Editor's note: if you were even semi-active in the Detroit Music scene of the late 1980s then you are familiar with most of the bands here. For me, being a Rhythm Corps addict, See Dick Run and Beer On The Penguin are the prominent names here. They opened up many a show for the Corps and though they were never favorites of mine they were justifiable opening acts and put on good shows. SDR were the melodic zany pop band, BOTP were the mood rockers and Rhythm Corps were just Rhythm Corps. Their exclusion from this record most likely coincides with their record deal with Pasha around this same time. Lemon James's exclusion, however, is inexcusable!

PS...I don't even know if Lemon James was on the scene back then. God, I must find one of her records!


Anonymous said...

great to see this here. detroit had a lot of great bands in the late 80s/90s. enjoy.
rc - funhouse

the said...

Hey RC glad to have you visit. How many EPs did you guys put out?

Detroit Concerts said...

Wow, I'll absolutely have to check that out. I may again have a reason to listen to the radio.

Unknown said...

wortwurst - funhouse was on 5 EPs + our own album psychodrama. we'll be back in the studio within the next month and should be playing again toward the end of august.

the said...

Any chance of it being on vinyl? :)

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